Thursday, May 9, 2019

Feed Your Kindle! The Existence of Pity is on Sale!

From May 11 to May 14, The Existence of Pity is on sale for $.99! Yes, ninety-nine cents! 
I'm not sure I've ever shared this review:
This is one of those deceptive books. It poses a whole bunch of serious moral questions but does so in a voice so young and fresh that a sweet summer breeze seems to be floating around them, whispering to you to relax and take it easy, making it a deceptively easy read.

Not to say there is no action or conflict, far from it. Josie is battling her entire family in different ways, and she is battling the unnoticed arrogance of the missionary culture. Add to that the danger her brother is determined to court, bringing the violence of Colombia’s mafia to their very door. It is quite startling how the author manages to keep the summery atmosphere going throughout, all too often writers would be tempted to use dark, depressing similes for such events that would have shredded the important physical context of the story.

 This book would be a good read for Young Adults and Adults alike. For me with my interest in religions and their effects on the world I found it had a lot to say but yet it never preached. It does have an autobiographical ring to it and I would be interested to see how the author will write other books, this is a strong debut and could be the start of solid career, but I’m a little worried it may be the one book she has in her. I hope not.
I hope not, too, dear Reviewer! My writing group seems confident in the sequel -- working title For the Love of Grace -- and July 7 is the deadline for me to get it to my publisher. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, buy The Existence of Pity for 99 cents! Thanks :)