Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Ride on The Writing Greyhound

Thanks so much Lorna Holland for interviewing me about The Existence of Pity for your blog, The Writing Greyhound!
Follow this link to read our conversation:

In this interview I mention, ". . . someone is selling a used copy of my book on for $45.98! It’s only in acceptable condition, too. Did they underline favourite passages? Dog-ear pages?"

Well, I'm sorry to say that book has been snapped up, but you can buy a different used copy for $25, or there's always a new one for $13.99!

One other little teaser: I give a hint about what I've been up to lately. Check out the interview!

Thanks again, Lorna!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Editor Wrote an Amazing Book!


June 7, 2017

Stefanie Spangler’s Urban Fantasy Dark Designs

Magic calls out to other magic, and the Grant sisters are about to find out they’ve drawn the darkest kind to their doorstep.

Twins Ivy and Violet Grant are opposites. Ivy, a hot-tempered redhead, couldn’t wait to get off the farm and see the world. Violet, a quiet brunette, was content to stay home and help their grandmother with the family business. The one thing they have in common is their magic.

Charlie Logan’s sinister obsession with Ivy Grant has ruled his life. When he discovers a book of dark magic during a burglary, he decides to return to Oak Hill and use his newfound power to gain control over Ivy.

Ivy and Violet, with help from their grandmother, need to practice their magic to overcome the evil seeping into their lives. A battle is coming, and Ivy’s life is not the only one at stake.


Slowly, Ivy became aware of another presence in the barn. Her eyes roamed away from the kitten cradled in her arms to the boots standing just beyond the stall door, next to her discarded sandals. Eyes wide, she sprang to her bare feet as fast as she could without trampling the kittens.

Charlie Logan was blocking the way out of the stall. The sunlight that slipped in through the gaps in the barn’s wooden planks cast his face in mottled stripes. She knew him because Grandpa Jack had always let his granddaughters roam the farm freely, and Charlie had spoken to her many times. Never alone, though. She stood awkwardly, her eyes darting around the dimly lit solitude of the barn.

“Nice kittens you got there.” He nodded cheerfully toward the kittens then smiled. His hand twitched as if he might reach out and touch her.

“Yeah,” she said quietly, looking back and forth between Charlie and the kittens. “None of them are sick or anything. Sometimes there are sick ones…” Ivy rambled nervously until her eyes settled on Charlie’s face, and then she stilled, wishing she could disappear.

Charlie moved in closer, trapping her in the corner of the stall. “They’ll all be good mousers, I bet.”

His tone was friendly, but Ivy’s guts tensed up. She desperately wanted to be away from the stall that had, without warning, become too dark and far too secluded. If she shouted, someone would likely hear her and come, but Charlie had always seemed nice enough. Maybe he did just want to talk about kittens, and she didn’t want him to get in trouble for not being busy at work.

When she made a move toward the door, his tall frame shifted. She jerked back, away from his body, pushing herself tighter into the corner of the stall. He was close enough that his scent of stale cigarette smoke and sweat forced its way into her nostrils and stomach. When he exhaled, his breath smelled of strong coffee. In slow motion, Charlie reached out and touched her hair just over her ear. Heart in her throat, she froze. Charlie Logan had not come to discuss anything good. He smiled at her affectionately as he stroked her hair.


Title: Dark Designs

Author: Stefanie Spangler

Genre: Urban Fantasy
About the Author
Stefanie Spangler has always loved books and reading, and one day, she decided to write a book of her own.

Stefanie lives in central Illinois with her husband and daughters. When she's not reading or writing, she’s usually editing someone else’s book. But she also enjoys gardening, knitting, and forcing others to read her favorite books.
Follow Stefanie:

Thursday, May 25, 2017

My First Award, My First RAP Event

Los Angeles, May 18th, 2017: The 11th Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards recognize Winners and Finalists from this year's competition.
The National Indie Excellence® Awards exists to help establish independent publishing as a strong and proud facet of the publishing industry. Recognizing authors that put their heart and soul into their work, the NIEA is a champion of self-publishers and the small, independent presses that go the extra mile to produce books of excellence in every aspect. Established in 2007, the NIEA competition is judged by experts from all aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters.
​Finalist in the Women's Fiction category: The Existence of Pity by Jeannie Zokan   (Woohoo!)
Winners and finalists are determined based on “overall excellence of presentation- a synergy of form and content” in a wide range of genres. Sponsorships and monetary prizes are awarded to juried titles as well. For more information please visit:

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AND... If you're in the Aversboro, NC area, stop in at our Scene Bites event. I'll be serving coffee!
I'm excited to meet other authors who have been published by Red Adept Publishing. Nervous, yes, but excited! I've followed each of their books and can't wait to talk about our shared experiences, and to learn from them. I have SO MANY questions! Stay tuned for pictures from the event!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Latest Review in Utopia

Utopia State of Mind, a beautiful blog, just posted their review of "The Existence of Pity," and I love it! Follow this link to see the thoughtful -- and thought-provoking -- review!
Utopia State of Mind

A blurb from the blog post: "I hope that by the end of reading this novel yourself, we can talk about how we feel about their actions and the meaning of the title. (Really, such a well thought out title!)"

Have you read The Existence of Pity? What do you think of the title?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It's Goodreads Giveaway Time!

Here's your chance to win a signed copy of my book!
I'm giving away two copies but the giveaway ends on Monday, May 8, so you'd better hurry!

The Existence of Pity by Jeannie ZokanThe Existence of Pity

Release date: Nov 14, 2016
Enter for a chance to win a free signed copy of "The Existence of Pity" by Jeannie Zokan!
Called "an impressive debut" by Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Top 100 Vine Voice Reviewer, Josie’s coming-of-age story is irresistibly hard to put down. Flawed characters, shattered beliefs, unexpected twists, unshakable love, “The Existence of Pity” is told with heart and depth with the exotic and beautiful country of Colombia as its backdrop. Bestselling author Gail Cleare says, “The story shines a light on how similar we humans all are, in our yearnings, fears, and imperfections.”
Good luck :)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

JBronder Review, Guest Post in "What Cathy Read Next," BookBub Ad -- What a Week!

This week has been busy for "The Existence of Pity," and super exciting! I love to get the word out about my book, and I've enjoyed meeting fellow book-lovers!
 JBronder Reviews wrote a great review and posted it on her beautiful blog (check out the picture in her header, wow!).  Here's a link: JBronder Reviews

Then there was a beautifully done guest post from Cathy of "What Cathy Read Next," thoroughly whetting the appetites of her readers to dive into my novel. Thank you, Cathy! Here's the link: What Cathy Read Next

Finally, I have a BookBub ad! I feel like I've arrived! BookBub is a website that "alerts millions of happy readers to free & discounted bestselling ebooks." Even if you're still on the fence about ebooks, Kindles, and the like, this website is great about keeping readers up-to-date on the latest books out there, including mine :)

Here's a link to my author page.
Jeannie on BookBub  
Click the "follow" button to find out when my ebook goes on sale... which is NOW! 99 cents for today and tomorrow only!

Thanks, everyone!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

WanderTHEMES Travel Changes Lives

Carlos Munoz and I went to the same school in Cali, Colombia: Colegio Bolivar. We met up on Facebook after many years, and when I saw what he was up to, I had to learn more! Here's what I found out.
Hello Carlos! What is your company called, and when did you start it?  WanderTHEMES Experiences. I started working on it in my head in 2014. Real steps began in February 2016. My registration in the state of Texas is July 17, 2016.
What do you do?  We do custom designed theme travel. Our team is uniquely knowledgeable about the world. We have traveled and lived everywhere. We can take you to places, events, and activities no one else can! So let us know where you would like to go and/or what you would like to do and we will design your trip for you. We also have our signature experiences that have excited travelers before you.
Being the owner of WanderTHEMES seems like the dream job for travel buffs. How did it come about?  Actually as an advertising/marketing professional all my life I really focused on how people experienced life and things. I was driven by a desire to find out the why of people's and nationalities' behaviors and how they affected others. You, Jeannie, had a unique experience in Colombia and your Colombian-ness shows just like it does the other MKs (that's missionary kids).
I also started a Master's in Historical Research later in life (almost finished--in thesis stage). My focus is the Mexican Revolution, a country I lived in for 11 years and where my kids grew up. I, too, have a little Mexican-ness, it's in my heart. It is this search for deeper things and other countries that took me to create WanderTHEMES. I want to help people write many travel stories and have travel change lives. When the moment came to change careers and technology allowed it, I started WanderTHEMES.
What has been your favorite travel experience with WanderTHEMES?  My first booking. It was with a group of horseback riders from Cali's Club Campestre (that's Country Club) who now live in Germany, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Bogota, and Cali. They wanted to re-connect and I created an experience on a ranch between Idaho and Wyoming. They are going to drive 40 unbroken horses 140 miles in 6 days. It'll be a full experience, with a chuck wagon, tents, and all. great horses. They are so excited!
The travel researching new places and things to do is always my favorite, but as a moment, I would say that was it.
What is your favorite story about your travels with WanderTHEMES?  Last year I went on a trip with a group in Mexico. We caved for many hours in the dark, rappelled down holes in the ground so deep, 40-foot trees grew way down at the bottom. The days were full of intense experiences, like jumping 20 feet into the water in the dark. We had to trust our guide and just jump--the water was down there. We then floated down an underground stream for a long time, crossing caves the size of cathedrals. When we got to daylight we actually missed the dark! Needless to say, we became very close to the group and I realized how these intense experiences connected us on a deeper level.
And finally, since this is "A Writer's Cup," what's in your cup?  Depends on the time. I drink black Colombian coffee in a big cup so it's not a tinto (a small cup of sweet coffee). About 3 cups in the morning. Water most of the day, because I dehydrate easily. Soda the rest.
To find out more, go to the WanderTHEMES Facebook page:
their website:
or Instagram:  @wanderthemes_travel
Thank you, Carlos! Maybe we can design a trip based on The Existence of Pity and see the sights in Cali, then head to San Andres Islas like Josie did! Thanks for your time, and happy travels!