Friday, August 31, 2012

Manuscript? Check! Tea Leaves? Check!

I did it!  I finished my manuscript today!  Actually, I finished yesterday.  Today I changed one word, and now I'm wondering if I should change it back.  No matter; there are 91,370 words total, so I'm going to leave the word for now.  It's time to celebrate! 
Alas, two minutes into my crazy girl dance, a list has generated itself in my mind of all that needs to be done now that I am rejoining the rest of humanity.  It's time to pay some bills, call my mother, and return those overdue library books.  But first on my to-do list is updating my blog. 
The last time I blogged was two years ago, just before Nanowrimo of 2010, when I set everything aside to write what became the rough draft of my young adult novel, "The Existence of Pity."  Now, on August 31, Blue Moon Day, I can finally say the project is complete. I want to thank the dear ones who made it possible:  my sweet husband Chris, my darling daughters, and wonderful Diane Skelton.  Without them, there is no way I would have crossed that finish line.  My family offered comic relief and delicious dinners while Diane was a constant source of enthusiasm and motivation.  Thank you all so much!  New cars all around!
But wait, Olivia just showed me this link, and my tea leaves say I haven't crossed the finish line.  No, I've only stepped up to the racing blocks.  I've written a manuscript, but now it's time to get it published, and my tea leaves tell me I'll need lots of patience.  I don't have patience!  All I can say is I hope Chris, Olivia, Natalie, and Diane will stick around.  They've been so patient with me, maybe they can show me how it's done.