Friday, April 16, 2021

Welcome, Team Courage!

If you're reading my blog for the first time, chances are good it's because you are a member of Team Courage, and you've accepted my invitation to receive "The Writer's Cup." Welcome! I'm glad you're here! And just in case you didn't get the email, Team Courage is a group of wonderful people who have supported me in one specific, but hugely important, way: writing a review on Amazon for The Existence of Pity. I'll be forever grateful!

 Over the past eleven years, I've posted 106 blogs (it averages out to less than ten per year, so it's not likely I'll flood your mailbox!) and they have covered a range of topics. Most of them are about my writing path to publication, but I've thrown in some general posts, book reviews, and some interviews along the way. There are some guest blogs, too!

Here's a link to one of the most popular blogs: Our Marriage Revisited

You can also check out the series of ten blogs about my trip to Colombia to visit my parents, who moved there because of my mother's Alzheimer's. It starts here: Colombia Part One

I started another series last year, but it was cut short in April because of Covid. Blue Jean Yoga 

Thanks again for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy it! The big news on the horizon is the release date of Courage Without Grace in paperback. I'll keep you posted!