Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Stories I Only Tell My Friends"

Mia Hamm, Nat "King" Cole, Kurt Russell, Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr. (author of Cheaper by the Dozen), and I have something in common: we were born on March 17.
Rob Lowe and I share a birthday, too, but we were also born in the same year, so I've always been a little more aware of his career moves than of other famous people. (Yes, that's my excuse; what's yours?)
So when Rob wrote a book, I checked it out.  And it's good. Listening to the book on CD in my car, he had me sitting at my destination remembering where I was when St. Elmo's Fire came out, what I thought of the sex-tape scandal, and how impressed I was by The West Wing.
In this best-selling autobiography, Rob isn't just a pretty boy who made a few mistakes along the way. In a smart, insightful, and very honest book, we learn he's one of the few in my generation who actually grew up.
As he looks back on his life so far, Rob invites readers into his world and shares with us the good times, what he learned from the bad, and the humor in all of it.
Have you read it yet? Did you like it as much as I did?

You can find out who shares your birthday - and all sorts of details about the day - at  Among many other things I learned Rob's and my Native American Zodiac sign is the Wolf, the moon's phase on our birthday was a waxing crescent, and that, "Today is not one of your lucky days!" It's Wednesday. Go figure.