Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Latest Review

I love this new review of The Existence of Pity on Amazon

5 out of 5 stars
Intriguing coming of age story
June 5, 2018

“Intriguing coming of age story set against a beautiful yet dangerous Colombian backdrop that will appeal to anyone who has ever experienced any kind of spiritual dilemma / journey, especially in their youth. All the main characters make seemingly incomprehensible decisions, but Zokan does a great job of fleshing those decisions out without oversimplifying this family's complex situation. Every teen lives in a complicated world; the way Josie navigates her world endears her to the reader, yet again, without oversimplifying the other characters. Good crossover novel in terms of audience and age appeal. I enjoyed it and have already recommended to my wife and my teenage son.”

Wow. "Every teen lives in a complicated world;" so true! I also love that this review is written by a fellow author who knows the effort involved in writing a novel and getting it published. 

Wes Dannreuther has written South Toward Horn and is looking for an agent or publisher to send it out to the world. Of his manuscript, an adventure story-within-a-story based along the Gulf Coast, he says, "I'm just ready to have the book out there because I think it's worthy of people's time to read it and I think a lot of people will like it." Amen, brother! That's why we write!

I have my fingers crossed that Red Adept Publishing will pick him up.  Keep an eye out for Wes! You can visit him here: