Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Pull Quote

Kirkus Book ReviewsI wanted to know, once and for all. Is The Existence of Pity a good book? I've been thrilled with my mostly positive reviews, but how would my book fare if assessed by a trade publication?

Kirkus has been reviewing books since 1933 and is considered a respected trade magazine by the industry. Their reviews certainly influence my reading selections, and I've noticed an automatic positive response to seeing a Kirkus blurb on a book. The debate rages on as to whether a Kirkus review is worth the price - yes, I paid for it - but the itch to know wouldn't quit. I decided to send my book their way.

With no little trepidation, I waited, until today, when this link showed up in my inbox.


I raced through it and sighed with relief. It's good! Then, I combed it for that all-important pull quote, those lines which sum up what Kirkus has to say about my precious baby, and my writing.

"Overall, this is an offbeat coming-of-age story... and Josie is perfect in her role as the story's protagonist and moral center." --- Kirkus Reviews

"A sensitive work from a very promising author." --- Kirkus Reviews

I'm glad I got the review. Now I know. And my favorite part of the quotes? The ---Kirkus Reviews at the end, for my book.

And just in time, a Kindle copy of The Existence of Pity is now $5.99!