Thursday, December 10, 2020

Courage Without Grace is Coming!

 I am thrilled to announce the cover reveal of my second book, Courage Without Grace. This book, written in November of 2012, follows Josie Wales to Washington, DC. Now 22, she is a palm reader at the Capital Park Hotel, and things aren't going well for her and Tom. 

To find the courage to end the relationship, Josie seeks advice from new friends, but she somehow manages to make an even bigger mess of her life. When Jack, Tom's twin, comes to town to reconnect, he helps Josie get her feet back on the ground. Just as Josie is beginning to resolve the chaos in her life, a tragic secret from her past comes back to haunt her. Before she can move forward and have a second chance at love, she must face her grief and loss.

Just as with my first book, The Existence of Pity, the setting in the book mirrors my life. After growing up in Colombia and going to college in Texas, I moved to DC and became a palm reader, with a steady gig at the Park Hyatt Hotel. I loved my years in the capital city, where I read palms at parties (including one for Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee) and learned how to ride a motorcycle. But, to be honest, it just got too cold for me. After over six years, I headed south, and have been happily writing in Northwest Florida ever since.

Courage Without Grace doesn't have a publication date yet, but it's coming soon. Not to worry, I'll keep you posted!