Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Lessons Outside the Comfort Zone

Every time I reach out of my comfort zone, I learn. Doing giveaways with fellow authors where they lead the way isn’t out of my comfort zone, but coming up with my own is. Today marks the last day of my very own giveaway - it ends at midnight - and words can’t express how relieved I am. Here’s the link:  
Sure, it’s been fun.  I boosted the post on Facebook and over a twelve hundred people saw it, there are 197 entries for the giveaway, many liked my author page as a result, the comments on the post were fun, and I got a few BookBub likes to boot.
But here’s what I learned.
1) Lots of cogs and wheels have to sync up for pretty much every new endeavor. There was much back-and-forth with mentor Erica Lucke Dean, Gail Cleare, Jennifer Klepper, and my personal life-saver, Kelly Stone Gamble in order for everything to work out. These women taught me the ropes on Rafflecopter and about boosting posts on Facebook, lessons I will no doubt use again and share with others along the way.

2) Be prepared to invest lots of time. Late-night wrestling with wiki-style formatting had me close to tears, and I’ll never get that Saturday back, the one where I sat in front of my computer trying to figure it all out. It was a pretty day, too.
3) You will need help. Refer to point one! I don’t like to bother people and I don’t like to owe people favors. And maybe THAT’S why the process took me out of my comfort zone. I’d rather just keep on doing what I know how to do than ask for help! Can I get an amen? But I won’t get to new heights without a little help from my friends now, will I?
4) Don’t get attached to the results. The goal was to garner at least 50 BookBub follows. I did NOT reach my goal. But I did get my name out there, quite a few readers liked my author page, and I learned how to master the art of a giveaway. I'm calling it a win. But just in case you’re interested, you can follow me on BookBub here:
Darn... now I owe you a favor!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Enter "The Existence of Pity" Valentine Edition Giveaway!


The Existence of Pity Valentine Edition prize package includes a $5 gift card to Starbucks, a Valentine coffee mug, two Colombian coffee samples, a Valentine's Day drawstring bag with 7 coffee candies, and a The Existence of Pity" postcard. Enter now to win!
The winner will be notified by email on 2/9/18, and announced on my Facebook author page, The prize is not transferrable and can only be shipped within the USA. The winners will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter.
I can't wait to see who wins! Best of luck!