Monday, April 19, 2010

My Addiction: I'm Powerless Over...

I don't know when it started, my addiction to quotes, but sticky-notes are all over my house. I may or may not stop to read them when they catch my eye, but whenever I do, I feel uplifted and empowered, reminded of something bigger than whatever I was just thinking about (Mexican Torte for dinner again? What are the neighbors doing now?).
So I'm sure you saw this coming: here are some favorites. I'm adding where I found them in my house so I can put them back.
"Be prepared at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become." (Special spot next to my computer so I'm ready for the moment!)
"Act with the authority of your 16 billion years." Joanna Macy (refrigerator)
"Don't worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive." Howard Thurman (sent by my dear friend the Rev. Susan McKeon and worked into a kitchen collage)
And finally, the quote that I keep in the front of my current manuscript and is from The Secret:  "Planet Earth and humanity need you. They need you, and that is why you are here."

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