Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good Company

    It seems most of my day is spent looking at the view from above my kitchen sink.  That's okay, though.  You can tell it's a cheery sight, and it's fun to watch the birds in the birdfeeder outside.   I also spend a lot of time at my desk, which I won't be photographing.  It's cluttered with to-do lists, edited pages of my manuscript in progress, angels (always good to keep them close), and a sticky note that says "Time to blog."  I know it's been too long, but I'm back and ready to write. 
And I'm ready to hear from you.  Tell me, what is your view? 


  1. Diane Skelton The best investment we've made in our current house is landscaping my kitchen view. Fortunately the kitchen's floor length windows face the front. Blooming are plumbago, drift roses, glory vine, and lemon drop lantana. The bad part of such a close up view (remember my kitchen windows are floor length) is that I can see the weeds and torpedo grass as they creep closer and closer, waiting to strangle the beauty of my roses! I can just open a window and pull a weed!

  2. Your view sounds wonderful! Except for those creeping stranglers :)

  3. glad you're back blogging, and writing. i won't tell you what my desk looks like because i haven't seen it in months. i sit in my rocker with my laptop and write because my desk is covered in a mountain of things needing to be done.

    keep up the blogging. it can be hard at times, but it's rewarding too.

    and keep writing!!

  4. oh, and my view is shrouded by sheer curtains, so that I don't get distracted by -- SQUIRREL!!

    but my cat BlackBeary makes sure that I notice her on a regular basis.

    1. Hey Nellie,
      It's good to hear from you! Love your sheer curtains, I probably need some of those!

  5. my view is out my dining room window at our palms and blooming flowers...and my neighbor across the street who is hunched over daily, religiously pulling crab grass from her lawn. I often get distracted watching her; she's quite inspiring in her tenacity and form of meditation.

  6. Kerry, you're view has it all!
    If your neighbor ever runs out of crabgrass she could work on my garden...