Saturday, April 1, 2017

Bringing "The Existence of Pity" to Life, Part 2

Here's an excerpt from "The Existence of Pity" and some pictures of the seminary in Cali.
"The Baptist college campus was the only place where I felt truly safe in Cali.
Even in my house, with Brandy barking at anyone who passed by, I felt a vague sense of unease, that I wasn't completely protected. But the seminary was surrounded by a high brick and metal fence, and a gun-wielding guard was on duty at all times. I could roam the wide open space in peace, missing Aunt Rosie and thinking about Alejandro.
I wandered around the campus the day Aunt Rosie left, ending up in the library on the second floor of the main building. Only a few students were sitting at the tables between the bookshelves, and I walked out to the balcony, where bougainvillea was taking over. I liked to study the scale model of old Jerusalem on display in a glass case, with its tiny people and elaborate temple.
After a glance at the model, I looked around to make sure no one was watching me. I stole inside the library again and searched among the concordances, books on ancient languages, and inspirational stories, until I found a book about the saints. Flipping through its pages, I came across the perfect saint for my problems. I wrote his name on a piece of paper and headed back home."  

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