Friday, March 27, 2020

Eleven: Wim Hof, Baby!

March 15. Good Lord, what a week.
Natalie is home for an extended spring break (yay!) because of the coronavirus (boo!) and we are at our favorite spot on the beach.
It's a green flag day, green water that is COLD, but it's seventy degrees out, and we're wearing bathing suits for the first time this year.
Such beautiful water, calmly rolling up to the shore for one foamy white splash, but... the flies! My goodness! They are awful! The little pests aren't stopping us, or the other spring breakers, but we'll no doubt cut our visit short.

I heard about Wim Hof on Netflix's controversial "Goop Lab" (no apologies, lol) and love what I've learned about his method so far. Check him out here: Wim Hof Method. Following the crazy Dutchman's lead of cold showers and ice baths, I jump in the 66-degree ocean. It feels SO. GOOD. It's so invigorating I want to whoop and holler, and call out, "I'm alive!" I don't do it, though. Natalie has joined me, and I don't want to embarrass her.

Laughing, we crawl out of the water to warm up in the sun. Back in our chairs, I don't want to think about the coronavirus. The U.S. seems to be collectively holding its breath for tomorrow. The true numbers of how many have the virus will be known when the masses get tested.

For now, we shoo away flies, soak in the sun, and relish the cool fresh feeling from our first ocean swim of 2020. A wave comes up over the small rise in front of me, rolling a few shells with it. The water is within inches of our chairs. I guess it's time to head home.

Photo Credits: Natalie Zokan

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