Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Emerald Coast Writers Conference

I didn't hand in my conference evaluation sheet. I never do. I need a few days to absorb all that I've been through, because I usually feel like I've been hit by a truck after these intense weekends of learning and meeting. Other writers will certainly understand. Most of us have been wrapped in our cocoons, and just leaving the comfort of our offices and our Solitaire games is huge. Add all the overwhelming info we obtain at these events, and -- hello margarita!
So, now that a few days have passed, I'll venture to give my opinion of the Conference. It was fantastic! The hotel was gorgeous, roomy, and comfortable, and whoever ordered the weather did a great job. The very first session was a critique group that, well, I could've gone home happy, I learned so much. Suzie Townsend, Scott Hoffman, and Joyce Holland, the agents I met, were encouraging; I tried not to miss anything Kathy Carmichael and Vicki Hinze presented because they are both so awesome; and Lori Strongin's Query Letter Boot Camp will be the reason I get published, I just know it.
Now, every time the phone rings I tell my family, "That's my agent calling!"

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