Monday, September 17, 2012

Murdering Darlings

Okay, it's time to go on a shooting spree.  No, I'm not that kind of crazy, I've just been looking outside myself for help in tweaking my work, and I'm realizing it's an inside job. 
A guy named Quiller-Couch said it best, but I wouldn't want to be him.  Many a writer has cried over his words:  "Murder your darlings."  Yes, murder them.  Kill off all the writing that is self-serving, the stuff that takes the reader out of her fictive dream. 
Strange, but part of me looks forward to strapping on some shining armor and a really cool sword.  I'll slay my own dragon, the dead wood in my manuscript, and this novel and I will be better for it.  Maybe I'm feeling confident because I wished upon a star at
( ), and my star said I would succeed.  Well, by the third wish it did, anyway.


  1. Good luck murdering those darlings. Just please don't murder any starry-eyed missionaries!

  2. Everyone needs a good quest, and now you have yours. I'm glad you'll get your wish ... apparently I'll also get mine, but with a partner :)