Thursday, October 4, 2012

SpiderMines and HeartCells

Over the years I've developed a writing process that works for me.  I sit at my computer with a cup of coffee and check my email, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Then I turn on my writing playlist which is mostly jazz because it provides light background noise, and I play a game of Hearts, Spider Solitaire, threeish games of Minesweeper, and one game of FreeCell.  I don't deviate from the order of these games or my morning is screwed.  Then, with a sigh, I pull up my document and stare at it until it tells me what to do. 
I don't dare figure out how much time I waste with this routine because those games get my head where it needs to be so I can write.  I figure it's time well spent.  Gotta run, time for Hearts!
Here, play with me!


  1. As tempted as I am, I will not play that game! I don't need any more diversions. Glad it works for you, though.

  2. I wish I had a process like that, really. Mine comes in fits and starts, and during my down time, I fret because I'm not writing. I say, whatever works for you, then it is time well spent.

  3. BTW, I lived in Pensacola for several years. Can you guess what my ex-husband did for a living?? I miss the beach, and the warm water.

    1. I'm so glad you wrote! How was your trip? And if I only had one guess, it would be your ex was a sailor! Am I right? PBeach is still awesome. We have a huge ferris wheel now!