Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I Googled Myself and ... Wow!

Cover photo by Jessica from For the Love of Dewey
Like finding money in a coat pocket or one last chocolate in a bag that looks empty, I came across this beautiful, amazing review of my book when I googled myself. Click the link to see it.


Here's an excerpt: "I found Blanca's character to be my favorite part of the novel. I loved the way that Zokan incorporated her accent into the English text, giving the reader a real sense of being immersed in Colombia. I also liked how Zokan not only successfully portrayed her to be an employee, but also as a big sister figure, a friend, and an intelligent woman who knew what was going on with each family member before they knew themselves. Blanca doesn't miss a beat."
I love finding out who a reader's favorite character is -- and take a look at that photo! Stunning!  Jessica's got skills!

For the Love of Dewey, thanks for the great review!

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