Saturday, February 22, 2020

Seven: Namaste

What a gorgeous day. I'm sitting close to the dunes at our favorite spot, Walkover Number 22D, and I'm watching the tourists walk by in shorts and T-shirts. I have on boots, mittens, a coat.
I'm so grateful to live here. I take a deep, doubly deep breath, and sigh.
The waves roll in steadily today, some breaking one hundred or so yards out and crawling in while others build up to make a big splash on the shoreline.
And that delicious sun, close to setting in a clear sky ...
I've just done some yoga, enjoying watching my twenty-foot shadow on the sea oats,. Chris is pacing the water line, camera in hand.
I learned from Deepak Chopra to practice lovingkindness to others by thinking "Namaste" as I see them. Namaste: the spirit in me honors the spirit in you. The divine in me recognizes the divine in you.
I notice seventeen others along the shore and say "Namaste" to each one in my heart. There's enough room here for all of us.
A surge of love for humanity fills me as the sun sets.
We saw a beautiful little dachshund puppy today, Piper, and it made us miss TigerLily so much. Piper had Tiger's sweet eyes. But time waits for no one.
Pets come and go, life ebbs and flows, the sun rises and sets, and this is as good as it gets. It's certainly good enough today.
Namaste, everyone. Namaste.

Photo credits: Chris Zokan

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