Saturday, March 7, 2020

Nine: Leap Year Day

Sitting on the sand at Seaside with many, many women. Turns out it's the Aloe Vera-- I mean, Vera Bradley -- Run tomorrow and the place is packed.
But we don't care.
Natalie is home for the weekend! She wanted to come here, no doubt for the memories. We've been visiting 30A for decades. She's grown up vacationing here.
We rode bikes on the paths, we ate at Pizza by the Sea, we walked through the Shops of Seaside, and now we sit on the beach and breathe in the sea, the sand, the sun.
So deeply satisfying to have her here. To share stories of the past month, to have long, easy, conversations, to just be together.

I'm deeply grateful for the Gulf of Mexico, our happy place, for its ability to take me to that peace in my soul where all is always well.
The sun glistens brightly off the water and the breeze is strong, making the surf loud enough to drown the voices of people nearby. I take the first deep breath of the day, and the second.
I didn't listen to my intentions yet, so I do it now.
I've recorded myself saying words that conjure images of how I want my life to look. Laughter. Ease. Fun. Kindness. Connection. Beautiful music. Purpose. Clarity. Prosperity. Peace. Lightness. Exhilaration. Beauty. Nature. Enthusiasm. Family. Friends. Confidence. Excellent health.
When I feel the words, I'm one step closer to living them all day, every day.
Today, I smile at Family. Nature. Fun. I would add the word gratitude, but appreciation is at the core of every single word, especially today.
Photo credits: Chris Zokan

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