Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Thirteen: Faraway Water

March 30: Chris and I drive to Casino Beach, joining a smattering of people, keeping our distance.
I sit in the car and just stare out past the barriers to the waves crashing on the shore. The sound is music to my ears.
The double red flags catch my eye. Governor DeSantis has issued a "safer at home" order, and it starts in two days.
Chris and I drive east, past Portofino Resort, and pull off the road. We walk the sidewalk along the beach road, again mostly alone.
The desolate, otherworldly beauty of the dunes is nothing out of the ordinary.
This is truly breathtaking.
I stand on tiptoe to see as much as I can of the water. The breeze is bliss, the faraway water still relaxing, still there.
I'm so grateful to have my kids home. I pray every day for our health and for the well-being of my loved ones, my community, this country, the planet.
I keep up somewhat minimally with the news.Then, I enjoy as much as I can, I relish family time, reading, projects, TV. And maybe too much beer.
I hope you are doing the same, dear reader (except for the beer...). The beach is still here. Close your eyes and remember

Photo credits: Chris Zokan

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