Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Write Group

These are my people.  As writing group members, we have become good friends; we have critiqued and congratulated one another; we have laughed and learned; we have become kindred spirits.  I look forward to every Tuesday afternoon from four to six when we are together, and it's thanks to the wonderful West Florida Literary Federation. (Go to to learn more!)
WFLF, or Woofloof, has brought us and many groups like us together over the years,  creating some unusual bonds, but bonds that last a lifetime.
Thank you Woofloof, I really like being part of a federation, and thank you, fellow writers!  Clockwise from Charlie, we are Charlie, Patty, Diane (Madam President), Ed, Andrea (fearless group leader), Jack F, Jack B, and Anne.  Not shown are Ron, Bevin, and Frank. See you next Tuesday!  


  1. Where are you in West Florida? I used to live in Milton (near Pensacola). Sounds like a great group. Keep writing!!

  2. Hey Nellie,
    we're in Pensacola. Let me know if you ever stop by our neck of the woods :)