Monday, July 1, 2013

Why is my blog called A Writer's Cup?

Because of the mug in this picture.  I picked it up at a Beall's Outlet four years ago, on sale no doubt.  It's nothing special, really.  Designed by Becca Barton, made in China, painted a garish red with a fat snowman, a skinny Christmas tree, and snowflakes -- or are they stars?
But here's the deal; I love this cup.  I didn't always, but over time it became my writing companion because of its perfect size, its friendly snowman, its sturdy handle.  Now I love it so much I use it year-round, I'm scared my husband will break it, and I've searched the internet looking for a replacement just in case (still no luck). 
While this cup sits around being dangerously perfect, it reminds me of the Buddhist teaching to "see it broken."  Achaan Chah Subhaddo tells of a favorite glass he knows will one day break, so he does his best to enjoy it now.  And that's what my writer's cup reminds me to do, enjoy it all now.  What is your writer's cup?
Thanks to Fiona Robyn's blog, which includes Achaan Chah Subhaddo's quote (via Mark Epstein).


  1. Loved your entry this morning. My writer's cup is a red leather portfolio/notebook that I carry with me each week to Writer's Group. It was a birthday gift from my son and daughter-in-law the same year he created my blog for me. It reminds me that other people believe in my writing --

  2. That's great, Diane. Yes we do believe in your writing! :)

  3. Love the "see it broken" idea. Thanks for sharing it. I wish everyone felt that way. Enjoy what you have while you have it. A professor of mine said that you can tell people who "really" love reading. Their books will have coffee/food stains and dog ears and notes scribbled in the margins, because they're so engrossed in what they're reading that they can't put the book down.

    Don't forget to come over and write a guest blog for me. :-)

    1. Hey Nellie! I'm a dog-earer myself! Yes, I will guest blog soon. I'm coming up with ideas. Hoping you will send a post my way soon, too!